Toronto (CAN), Roy Thomson Hall: 14-04-1991



Corriere Canadese 12-04-1991


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Vasco Rossi opened his 1991 tour in Toronto, Canada on the
14th april 1991 at the Roy Thomson Hall!!

This was confirmed to this website on 24th november 2005 in an email by TARA JOYCE, Marketing and New Media Associate from the Roy Thomson Hall:
"Unfortunately that is all the information we have on the concert. I tried to find an old programme from the concert but unfortunately our archives are not very well maintained. I am sorry that I couldn't be of more help."



About the concert:

Vasco Rossi:
"The best place where I've ever sung", Vasco remembers, "is an auditorium in Toronto. Built just for music, 4-5000 sitting places, good acoustic. Here nothing like this exists". (Source: rockol)

Maurizio Solieri:
"Situation was different and much more professional. For the first time I was in a band formed by professionals, not friends and colleagues. Great organization, fabulous tour, one week in Toronto to rehearse for a concert, then tour all around Europe. We've felt great! Of course I was missing much old times and Steve Rogers Band, in fact as soon as I came back with Vasco I tried to make Gallo come back again, but there were some problems. This year luckily he's back with us. So we made this tour abroad, then another one in Germany and 5 concerts in the biggest Italian stadiums in summer 1991. This until these days, with the preparation and work for the new album and 1993's tour." (Source: Maurizio Solieri's site)

Diego Spagnoli (tourmanager) in an email to this website:
"Yes, we were in Toronto in 1991. The exact date I don't remember anymore, but it wasn't summer.
( later the Roy Thomson hall confirmed to this website the exact date was 14th april)

What do you remember of the location?
D: The concert was in a very beautifull hall, a destination for our concert only....I can't remember the name but it was a great auditorium.
The promotor of this concert was named Mimmo Pellegrino. I have this show on videotape.

Why Toronto? I mean it's quite distant from Europe...
D: Why? I don't know. Maybe to do something different...

Germinio, a vasco fan who was present at the Toronto concert wrote in an email to this website:
The concert was great in my opinion. Vasco and his group were energetic and transmitted quite well their vitality to the crowd.
If I recall well, the concert was held at the Roy Thomson Hall, and I remember the setting being too formal, really, for a Vasco concert. It was hard to sit still throughout the performance. I was lucky enough to sit in the second row, but "unlucky" because we were too close to the speakers and it took a couple of days for my ears to stop ringing!
The people that I knew who were present at the concert, were mainy collegueas of my wife, who was a television host for OMNI TV. We also had the opportunity to go out to dinner with Vasco and his crew and to attend an informal reception held in his honour in a nightclub. Vasco was friendly, jetlagged, and didn't share his manager's fear of too many fans swarming up to his fame for "una vita spericolata".



Maurizio Solieri: Questa sera Rock 'n Roll (2010 Rizzoli), p. 125/126: