Utrecht (HOL), Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: 21-05-1991


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(Thanks to Mattia Fontana)


Utrecht, muziekcentrum Vredenburg 21-05-1991

"In april 1991 I did read in a music magazine that Vasco Rossi was coming to my hometown Utrecht. I couldn't believe my eyes....okay, his single Liberi liberi was in the charts, but still.......to me very unexpected.
Later that month I saw announcements of organisator MOJO everywhere.
21th may was the day I had waited for so long: My first Vasco concert!!

With some friends I went to the Music Centre.
The place was crowded, but not sold out, I estimate about 1.000 people.
The show was great, the crowd even better.....
everybody knew the lyrics then and I wondered how everybody knew then about Vasco.

For the collectors:
I did not tape the show. Even if I wanted to, I would not have succeed: photo cameras and recording material were strictly forbiddden and security control at the entrance was very strict."





Utrechts Nieuwsblad - qualche giorni prima il concerto



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